Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Over the years I have continuously crossed paths with The Artist's Way. Back before Christmas I finally picked up a copy and instantly dove head first into the teachings.
For a time, I severly limited my internet, tv, and reading time and really immersed myself in this work. It had me asking questions, digging into what my real thoughts were, and best of all c r e a t i n g again.
This little book, along with some really inspirational yoga classes encouraged me to take a leap of faith and book a spontaneous vacation. I am still sunkissed from my recent return from the Big Island of Hawaii.. and there's lots to share.

To start, here is a piece I made for one of the women I attribute to making it happen. Mieka teaches detox and 'happy yoga' classes, I like to think of them as being at a motivational seminar while getting a good stretch, sweat, and exercise. One of the things she always says that helps me hold on when I'm in a pose that I'm ready to quit on is "Find your edge". I like to think it helps me realize that I have more in me, that I'm not quite ready to give up.

This was a gift to her, for being a big part of the reason that I was giving myself the gift of Hawaii..